I'm born nearby Odense at the island Funen in Denmark in 1962. I was just a small kid, when I got my first camera, it was for me a very fascinating expierence to learn about taking pictures, and have ever since fascinated me. As photographer I'm self-taught.
Photography means in periods of my life a lot to me, especially when I'm travelling where I meet a lot of new contrasts compared to my daily life back at home. I like very much to express these contrasts, feelings and differencies in my photos.
I've been travelling a lot since 1987, all together for around 2 years, always as a backpacker. I've mainly visiting different countries in the sourthern parts of Europe, Middle East and Asia. My interest in photography have grown stronger and stronger as the years have past and as well of the the photo equipment have improved.
I like very much to catch exiting motifs and good atmospheres with my camera in an interesting composition. Types of motifs I find very inspiring is portraits of faces and people, details, architecture, nature landscapes and as well combinations of these. In my motifs I try to seek a visuel beautiful and harmonious expression.


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