Portraits of Denmark
Photo collection of portraits from Denmark in different outdoor locations.
  Fragments of Nostalgy
Photoart collection from Denmark. The pictures is pieces or fragments of a bigger whole, like everything else is. This collection of pictures is meant to be nostalgic, full of harmony and individuality from 'another' time, but still a natural part of our present time.
  Portraits of Asia
Photo collection from my second roundtrip in 2004 to Asia as backpacker. This time I visited the northern parts of India and the northern parts of Pakistan. I was travelling for 5 months. Travelling around in Asia means to meet a lot of wonderfull contrast and intensity. I visited a lot of different big hectic cities and as well I travelled around in the spectacular and great mountains of Himalaya.
  Greek Signatures
Gallery of photos from the beautiful greek islands. In 1994 I was travelling in the group of islands called the Cyklades as backpacker in nearly 3 weeks, and went from island to island with ferries. I visited 3 different smaller islands Sifnos, Folegandros and Santorini all full of charm. The atmosphere at these different islands is pure idyllic and romantic in a very beautiful and scenic setting.
Colours of Italy
Collection of photos from Venice and Verona. I've traveled in Italy for 5 times, and always when I'm going to Italy, I start my roundtrip in Italy by visiting Verona and Venice, it's have been a kind of nice tradition, and these two cities full of atmosphere have a special place in my heart.
Knocking at Wood
Collection of photoart of asian doors. I like very much the doors of Asia, they are very unique and beautiful, they expresses their own originality, personality and soul.
Faces of Asia
A gallery of faces of people from the northern parts of India and Pakistan. I like very much to take close ups portraits of peoples faces, in Asia it's very easy to have a permission from people you meet to take theirs portrait. To caught a special expression or feeling in a face, and with the eyes as a magic center telling you everything, that's for me very fascinating and exiting. Especially I like to take portraits of children, because they are very natural and impulsive. I also like very much to make portraits of old people, because they often have a very characteristic face full of individuality and personality, and where you you can read a hole life in theirs face.
Turkish Delight
Gallery of photos from Turkey. I've been several times in Turkey travelling for quite long periods and been a lot of different places all over in Turkey. I really enjoy to travel around in Turkey, also because where ever you go you very easily make new friends. And also when you are travelling around in Turkey you everywhere meet and enjoy really great genuine Turkish hospitality.

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